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Summer Camps

Day cares, day camps, park district, churches, youth groups, home day care providers


All you have to do is load up the bus... and we will take care of the rest

With gas prices at an all time high... keep your field trips close

3 hour group package specials
Time: Mon: 12-3pm, tue: 12-3pm, wed: 12-3pm, thur: 12-3pm, fri: 12-3pm
Meal Deal 1
admission, skates, hot dog, chips & drink
Only $6.75 (2hr)
Only $7.75 (3hr)
Meal Deal 2
admission, skates, pizza, & drink
Only $8.75
Skating Only
admission & skates
Only $5.75
(Minimum of 25)
Add an hour
only $1.00 per skater


cancellation or rainy day spoil your plans? call us in the morning... we can help! call 815-469-6034
(first come firs serve basis smaller groups may be placed with other groups)

Roller Skating!!! A Healthy Alternative!!!

with the average child spending 4 hours a day watching television, childhood diabetes at all time high, and 9 million youth (15%) being over weight in this country, roller skating is a clean, safe, and fun sport that anyone can participate in.

roller skating burns 400 - 500 calories per hour, plus...the consumer product safety commission found that roller skating is: 2X safer than a play ground, 3X safer than football or baseball, 4X safer than basketball and 5X safer than bicycling.

Call 708-532-4021 or 815 - 469-6034 today!